The Junior segment of the club caters for junior touch players aged between 6 and 16 years.

The junior component of our club was founded in 1979 and over the years has seen some great success on the field while providing an enjoyable environment both on & off the field.


Junior Touch games in Townsville are presently played on Thursday (13-16's) and Friday (7's-12's) evenings.at Queens Park in North Ward, commencing around 5:00pm. The club's junior season runs from August to December each year, with games played through the September school holidays!


A mixed-gendered competition is played on Thursday evenings between March and June. This competition caters for junior players from 8 to 14 years of age.

For more information please contact us on juniors.sharkstouch@outlook.com and a junior club representative will contact you as soon as possible; or more information is available from the Townsville Junior Touch Football website at: www.tjt.org.au.


Sharks Touch Club is committed to providing a safe environment for the participation of children and young people. Part of this is ensuring that children are not left alone after games and also the acknowledgment and adherence to the Code of Conduct.


  • Do not force an unwilling child to participate in sports.
  • Remember children are involved in organised sports for their enjoyment not yours.
  • Encourage your child to always play by the rules.
  • Teach your child that an honest effort is as important as victory, so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Turn defeat to victory by helping your child towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship. Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing their competition.
  • Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposition team.
  • Do not publicly question the official’s judgement and never their honesty.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer referee’s and coaches. They give their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your child.
  • Respect the performances and efforts of all people.
  • Reject the use of violence in any form, whether it is by spectators, coaches, officials or athletes.
  • Sharks Touch Club - both seniors & juniors - strongly endorses this code of conduct, and looks forward to parental support throughout the season.

It's an accepted fact that we all want our children to do well, whether it's in sport or school or just life in general, but have you ever really stopped and thought about how your actions on the sideline can reflect on your child's desire to keep doing what they do?

The "ugly parent" syndrome is quite common across junior sport, there aren't too many sports that doesn't have at least one or two parents that take it "just a little too far". Increasingly, junior sports right across the country are losing players because their parents put too much emphasis on winning and not enough on enjoying the moment.

To often we get wrapped up in our own emotions that we forget what is important to our children. While nobody enjoys losing, it's an important part of life because it teaches children how to get back up and try again. Every once-in-a-while we have to lose, we have to get knocked down and we have to learn to "put up" when we don't agree. It's a fact of life.

Remember your role as a sideline supporter is just that, a supporter. When you're a spectator, you're not a coach and you're not a referee! We have dedicated volunteers that have undergone the training and obtained the accreditation to be able to take those positions. These people freely give up their time to enable your children to enjoy an afternoon of sport with their friends; please respect that.

Remember: let the Coach coach, and the Referee referee!